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2017 Academic Promotions round for levels C, D and E

The academic promotions round for levels C, D and E is now open. Applications must be completed by 5pm Friday 28 July.

Academic Promotions Procedures

The Academic Promotions Procedures were approved by the Provost on 4 April 2017.

The Procedures revision includes the introduction of Faculty-based panels for the review of academic promotions to level C. The intent of this change is for the Faculties to have the authority and accountability for academic promotion to level C. This process is in keeping with Go8 and other ATN Universities.

To ensure an equitable process Academic Board will appoint for each panel a:

  • common Chair (i.e. same person for each Panel); and
  • Professor external to the Faculty (i.e. different Professor for each Panel).

The Panels will recommend applicants for promotion to the Provost for approval. This is in keeping with the approval process for levels D and E where the University Academic Promotions Committee (UAPC) recommend applicants for promotion to the Vice-Chancellor.

This change in process will enable the UAPC members to better concentrate their efforts on reviewing applications for academic promotion to levels D and E expected to have leadership roles within the University community. Conversely, a Panel will be able to concentrate on the review of level C applications.

It is intended that the changes will assist in the support of improved gender equity, in particular the promotion of women to Associate Professor and Professor. 

Link to Academic Promotions Procedures        

Intending to apply for promotion?

If you are intending to apply for academic promotion to level C, D or E in the 2017 round, the following checklist* provides a starting point of actions to consider:

  • I have read the information on the Academic Promotions webpages
  • I have made a time to meet with my Head of School or equivalent to discuss my intent to apply
  • I am collating evidence to demonstrate excellence at my current level relative to opportunity
  • I am updating my full academic CV with a full list of publications and grants
  • I am updating SCRIPT and ensuring I can provide a current MyResearch Activity Report with my application
  • As I will be addressing the Teaching & Learning criteria, I am collating a set of USR and TER eVALUates for the last 3 years only and booked a Peer Review of Teaching to demonstrate the quality and impact of my teaching
  • I have contacted my Applicant-Nominated Assessors to ensure they will be available at the required time to write an assessment of my application

* It is recommended you commence these actions prior to the call in June for the academic promotions round.

If you have any queries in regards to the Academic Promotions Procedures, the promotions process or the portal please contact:

Ms Pip Rundle 
Project Coordinator, Academic Projects

(08) 9266 4318 or



SAGE/Academic Promotions Workshop for ALC and ALD women powerpoint presentation   



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