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A Guide to Providing Reasonable Adjustments

If a staff member discloses that they are experiencing difficulties at work as a result of their disability or medical condition, the following steps are a guide to assisting the person with a disability with the implementation of reasonable adjustments;

  • Clarify and confirm the employee’s or successful job applicant’s medical restrictions or recommendations.
  • Identify the inherent requirements of the position, if difficulties are being experienced in identifying these duties, a job analysis can be conducted by an Occupational Therapist.
  • Identify, in consultation with the Line Manager and staff member, reasonable and effective adjustments that may be required.
  • Consult with your Staff Disability Advisor should there be any concern in the process of implementing reasonable workplace adjustments.
  • When adjustments have been identified, develop a written record of the adjustments that will be provided, being as detailed as possible including a timeframe if appropriate. Include periodic dates for review of the adjustments if required.
  • Place a copy of the adjustment record on the staff members Human Resources personnel file.
  • Provide a copy of the agreed adjustment to the staff member.
  • Implement the adjustments as promptly as possible.

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