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Curtin University
Human Resources


Alesco is the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) used by Curtin to record HR information about staff and associates of the University (except students). It interfaces with other University systems such as the Library, Cardax Security Cards for building access, Blackboard LMS (Learning Management System), OASIS Staff Portal, eValuate (Academic feedback mechanism), Outlook Global Address lists, Internet accounting systems, IT Job tracking software, and many more.

Alesco Access

In order to access the Alesco HRIS, you must be set up with a unique User Login. To apply for access to Alesco, your line manager must complete an online application. Access is tailored to your position's responsibilities and area.

Application to Access Alesco

Alesco Setup Guide V1.5 [.PDF]

To access Alesco use the shortcut placed into the Start menu on your workstation, after following the installation instructions from the above Setup Guide.

Employee Kiosk

The Employee Kiosk is a part of the Alesco HRIS. All staff and associates, are able to login and view their recorded personnel details, print pay-slips and payment summaries, view employment details and contract end-dates, register for training courses, and apply for leave.

Access to Employee Kiosk is available through OASIS.

Discoverer Viewer Reports

Discoverer Viewer is a reporting program which integrates with Alesco, and can be exported to Excel or PDF format. It lists a large number of HR reports which are pre-written, and can be run by users anytime. You can login to Discoverer by using your Alesco login credentials. If you need HR reports but don’t need access to Alesco, you can request Discoverer Viewer only access. You can launch Discoverer Viewer from the Alesco home page.

Access Discoverer Viewer.

Alesco & Discoverer Viewer Training Material

Training guides for Alesco modules and Discoverer Viewer, some online training modules, and recorded iLectures are available from the Training webpage.

Alesco System Forms

Alesco Change Request Form - This form is used by HR & Curtin business areas to request Configuration and Coding changes within Alesco. IF you are unsure if you need to use this form, please contact HR Systems via web form.

Request for Alesco Data - Use this form if you are a business area requiring access to Alesco data from the IDB (Integration Database), or a one-time data feed.