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Book leave

Annual Leave and Personal/Carer's leave (formerly titled Sick/Special leave) can be applied for electronically in the Employee Kiosk. You can view your accrued entitlements, or leave balances when you request leave. All leave requests are subject to approval by your manager.

Applying for Annual Leave

All staff must apply for Annual Leave in the Employee Kiosk in advance in accordance with the relevant Employment agreement. The leave must be approved by the manager before the leave is taken. Annual Leave balances are displayed in hours. As a guide, the standard working day at Curtin is 7.5 hours, therefore, 75 hrs = 10 days, 150 hrs = 20 days, and 37.5 hrs = 5 days.

Applying for Personal/Carer's Leave

All staff must apply for Personal/ Carer's Leave upon their return to work. Please notify your manager as soon as you become aware that you are unable to work, and indicate how long you are likely to be away. You may be required to provide a medical certificate for your absence. Please refer to your Employment Agreement for details regarding your specific entitlements, and check your balances in the Kiosk before you apply.

Compassionate Leave

Compassionate Leave entitles staff to 3 days of paid leave for each occasion. It is restricted to the staff member's immediate family or member of their household, where serious injury or illness poses a serious threat to life, or the person has died. This type of leave is not cumulative, and may be taken in conjunction with personal and carer's leave. Unpaid compassionate leave may be taken by all staff, including Casuals. Compassionate leave can be applied for in the Employee Kiosk. For detailed information regarding entitlement to this leave type, please refer to the Enterprise Agreement - Clause 41 Compassionate Leave.

Long Service Leave

Your Long Service Leave entitlements will be displayed in the Employee Kiosk. Apply for this approval by completing an Application for leave Form.

All other Leave Types

All non-accruing leave types, including Parental Leave, Leave Without Pay, Academic Study leave, Jury Duty etc. should be applied for with an Application for leave Form. This form is available on the Forms for Staff page.