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If you require an accessible version of this information please contact the Staff Disability Advisor.

Staff with Disability

Curtin University is committed to equal opportunity in education and employment. The University seeks to provide an environment where all staff are provided with the opportunity to participate productively.

The University promotes an inclusive and accessible environment, in all aspects of the workplace including recruitment, career development, promotion, and workplace support.  Staff and students with disability form an integral part of the diverse population at Curtin University.  Curtin has a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan in place to support these members of its community.

What is a Disability?

Disability is a broad term used to cover a wide range of conditions and illnesses. They can be temporary or permanent and may or may not restrict everyday activities.  The definition of disability in the Disability and Discrimination Act 1992 includes:

• Physical and mobility difficulties
• Hearing impairments
• Visual impairments
• Specific learning difficulties
• Mental health problems
• Neurological problems
• Medical conditions – the presence in the body of disease – causing organisms.
• Physical disfigurement

This broad definition is meant to ensure that everyone with a disability is protected.

The Act covers a disability which people:

• Have now,
• Had in the past (for example: a past episode of mental illness),
• May have in the future (eg: a family history of a disability which a person may also develop),
• Are believed to have (for eg: if people think someone has AIDS).

(Extracted from Disability and Discrimination Act 1992)

The Act also protects associates of people with a disability, including families, friends and carers.

With the assistance of appropriate aids and services, often referred to as reasonable adjustments, the restrictions experienced by many people with disability may be overcome. Curtin University is committed to promoting employment equity and an inclusive and accessible environment.

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