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Curtin Staff Disability Advisor

The role of the Staff Disability Advisor is to support staff with disability (inclusive of chronic health conditions), provide advice to supervisors and managers, and offer services that assist a staff member to manage their disability and perform their work duties effectively. The aim of the service is to provide an equitable, prompt response which fully draws on the expertise available both within and outside the University to assist the member of staff and the work area.

The Staff Disability Advisor has a broad range of expertise in matters pertaining to people with disability and making reasonable accommodations. The Staff Disability Advisor should be consulted when there is concern related to any disability or chronic health condition (eg; diabetes, arthritis and recurring depressive episodes) in the workplace, or where reasonable accommodations are required.

Advice and support is provided on a case by case basis, as each situation that occurs within the workplace is unique. The support provided by the Staff Disability Advisor is tailored for the individual’s circumstance, and may include, but is not limited to;

  • Workplace assessment
  • Physical access consideration
  • Workplace modifications
  • Job design/practices
  • Building modifications
  • Education of supervisors and peers/co-workers
  • Application of adaptive technology and assistive devices
  • Courtesy/Disabled parking permits
  • General advice and support

For an appointment with a Staff Disability Advisor call (08) 9266 4468 or email


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