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If you require an accessible version of this information please contact the Staff Disability Advisor. For more information please go to Staff Disability page.

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is about ‘fitting work to people’. It is the process of designing or arranging workplaces to fit the people who use them. Ergonomics examines how people interact with their work environment from both a physical and psychological perspective, and identifies ways to promote injury prevention and maximise productivity.

Booking an Ergonomic Assessment

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Why Ergonomics?

Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common causes of lost time injuries and illnesses in the workplace. By ensuring a person is provided with adequate tools and information through means of assessing the ergonomics of their work environment, ergonomics may assist in the prevention of developing or aggravating existing MSDs.

Ergonomics at Curtin

Ergonomics can be applied to three levels of activity in the workplace:
1) Workstation design
2) Job design
3) Workplace design

Workstation design is the most common area requiring an ergonomic assessment at Curtin University. A workstation ergonomic assessment generally focuses on ensuring optimal working posture through correct set up of equipment in addition to providing education on positive work habits, such as frequent postural breaks to avoid sedentary behaviour at our workstation.

Find out more about the possible effects of sedentary behaviour and some ways to reduce prolonged sitting at work.

Curtin recognises the importance of ergonomics and encourages all staff to adopt an awareness of their work setup and to seek expert advice from one of our Staff Ergonomics Advisors in the Injury Management and Staff Disability team.

Booking an Ergonomic Assessment

If you are setting up your workstation for the first time or wish to review it, please refer to the Workstation Self-Assessment Checklist prior to requesting an ergonomic assessment.

Curtin has a team of allied health professionals specialising in ergonomics to conduct ergonomic assessments and provide appropriate advice and recommendations. You can book an ergonomic assessment via Employee Kiosk or HR Green website. Please follow these guidelines.

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