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Orgplus is an Organisational Chart application that displays position “reports to” relationships in Alesco, the university's Human Resources Information System.

OrgPlus is refreshed daily from Alesco and is only available to current employees of Curtin University with valid log in credentials. Orgplus only displays positions and incumbents for Continuing and Fixed Term employees; Casual and Sessional positions are not displayed.

OrgPlus enables you to view reporting relationships, search for employees, view occupancy, leave entitlement and position management details. It can also be used to export data to excel, PDF and PowerPoint.

There are different levels of access depending upon your role. The following access types are available:

  • Standard (all staff)
    • View name, position and area C-level for all paid employees

                 orgplus screen capture image  

  • Manager (for relevant area, paid and non-paid employees)
    • Standard view
    • Occupancy view
    • Position Management
    • Export capabilities

To access OrgPlus please sign into OASIS, then click onto the 'My Work' tab.

If you are a first time user of OrgPlus, please refer to the material located in the Training section of the website.

If you need Manager Access, please submit a support request.