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Payroll Services is a client contact team responsible for ensuring all employee and payroll records are processed accurately to ensure the correct and efficient delivery of pay.

Payments to staff are made in accordance with the Salary Scales outlined in the University's Enterprise Agreements.

Salaries are paid fortnightly and strict deadlines are in place for the submission of information for processing purposes. See Payment Frequency for more information on these deadlines and submission dates.

Salaries are paid into nominated bank accounts on the Thursday of each pay fortnight. All staff must nominate at least one bank account to which their pay can be deposited (this is termed a disbursement). However, as a benefit to staff, salaries may be split & disbursed into a maximum of nine (9) accounts. See Disbursements for more information.

Employees are able to view their salary details on-line via the Employee Kiosk.


The University operates in accordance with Australian Taxation laws and PAYG (Pay As You Go) taxation is deducted from employees salaries on a fortnightly basis.

Per Diem (Daily Travelling) Allowance

A Per Diem or Allowance is a reimbursement made to a staff member to cover costs associated with travelling on official business and can be paid prior to the event. All Per Diem payments must be paid through payroll in accordance with the Per Diem Payments (Payroll Processes) via an Application for Per Diem Payment.Staff  must be mindful of the payroll cycles when making travel arrangements to ensure payments can made in advance of their departure dates (refer payment frequency). Per Diems cannot be salary sacrificed by employees. Cost centre managers should note that per diems can be subject to payroll tax if payment is over the ATO reasonable limits.

Leave and Entitlements

Staff leave entitlements at Curtin are in accordance with the provisions set out in Curtin's Academic and General Certified Agreements. 

Leave is booked in two ways, through the Employee Kiosk or by completing an Application for Leave Form. The way in which you book the leave depends on the type of leave being taken. 
1. Employee Kiosk is for booking Annual, Personal Carers and Compassionate Leave and is accessed through the Employee Kiosk Link found on the OASIS homepage.
2. The Application for Leave Form is found on the HR website and is for booking all remaining forms of Leave. Once the form is complete it is sent to HR for processing.

Staff may request the payout of leave in accordance with the provisions of the Certified Agreements, a Leave - Payout Calculator is provided to assist staff is estimating the amount of such a payout.