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Responsibilities of Managers and Supervisors

It is the responsibility of all supervisors and managers to be aware of legislation and policies relating to employment and people with disability. Matters arising relating to disability must be managed by the relevant School supervisor or manager. Managers and supervisors, must accommodate the needs of people with disability (inclusive of chronic health conditions) who are recruited, as well as make reasonable adjustments for staff who develop a disability during their employment. Where the need for particular adjustments is unclear or complex it may be helpful to get advice from the Staff Disability Advisor and Human Resources. 

As a manager or supervisor, your main obligations are:

  • not to discriminate directly or indirectly by less favourable treatment of a person with disability
  • to make reasonable adjustments when required for a person with disability to perform the inherent requirements of their job

A manager or supervisor should respond promptly to a request for an adjustment from a staff member with disability.  Avoidable delays can result in complaints of disability discrimination under the Disability Discrimination Act or the Equal Opportunity Act.


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