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Salary Packaging

Salary Packaging is an Australian Taxation Office approved way of sacrificing gross salary in return for non-cash employer provided benefits.

Typically people are paid gross salary through payroll and income tax is deducted and they are left to spend or save the rest (the net or "take home pay"). Salary Packaging works by transferring the way you pay for a service or a good from post tax to pre tax. Effectively, the marginal tax rate that you are on is the savings that can be obtained from Salary Packaging (less any other Taxes or charges).

Employees of Curtin, either on a continuing employment contract or a fixed term contract, may participate in the Salary Packaging scheme.

  • The following benefits can be salary packaged internally via Curtin's own Electronic Packaging Application. If you wish to package these items please click here:

    Superannuation - Employee Contributions
    Superannuation - Top-Up contributions
    Fitness Centre (Fortnightly)
    Remote Locality Housing
    Parking PAYG - FAQ [Updated 28/01/2016]

    If you have any queries about these items please call 9266 9000


  • The following benefits can be organised directly with the external provider, Paywise:

    Motor Vehicle Leasing
    Private Super
    Parking (Ad Hoc)
    Childcare Fees
    Airport Lounge
    Professional Expenses
    Relocation Expenses
    Self Education Expenses
    Electronic Equipment - Mobile Phone
    Electronic Equipment - Portable Storage
    Electronic Equipment - PDA
    Electronic Equipment - Other
    Notebook Computer
    Union Fees (NTEU, CPS Union, AMWU, United Voice)



 For more information visit Paywise, contact 1300 132 532 or email