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Development opportunities can benefit staff and support the University in achieving its strategic objectives. While it is expected that individual staff will invest in advancing their own careers, the University may offer support to further a staff member’s experience and qualifications where it meets the strategic and operational goals of the University. 

The information provided here identifies the different types of staff development opportunities available at Curtin, and provides clarification to staff and line managers on development opportunities covered in the enterprise agreements [more].

The University aims to improve organisational capability and achieve high standards of performance by investing in developing its staff through activities such as:

Study Support for approved courses

Staff holding continuing appointments or fixed-term contracts of more than 12 months are eligible to apply for study support for a course of study approved by the University [more].

Conference, Seminar and Short Course attendance

Staff may apply to attend conferences, seminars or short courses provided by external providers which are relevant to their role and specific responsibilities at Curtin [more].

Internal Professional Development

Internal professional development can comprise development activities and basic skills which are necessary for a staff member to carry out their current position and to progress their career to the next level [more].


Secondments can be an important tool to assist individual staff members to develop their skills and demonstrate commitment to their career progression [more].

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