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Staff Development Opportunities

Development opportunities can benefit staff and support the University in achieving its strategic objectives. While it is expected that individual staff will invest in advancing their own careers, the University may offer support to further a staff member’s experience and qualifications where it meets the strategic and operational goals of the University. 

The information provided here identifies the different types of staff development opportunities available at Curtin, and provides clarification to staff and line managers on development opportunities covered in the enterprise agreements.

The University aims to improve organisational capability and achieve high standards of performance by investing in developing its staff through activities such as:

Staff development is a joint investment taking into account the needs of the University and individual staff members. Staff are encouraged to develop a career plan through the Work Planning and Performance Review (WPPR) process and to participate in development activities, either personally or as part of their work environment. While it is the primary responsibility of a staff member to build skills and develop career prospects, the University can contribute within the context of a staff member’s existing role.

Applications for staff development opportunities are considered for approval based on a number of factors:

  • relevance to and alignment with the staff member’s role as identified in the WPPR and/or position description, and their career aspirations;
  • the anticipated benefit in terms of developing, maintaining or improving the staff member’s employment related skills, knowledge and capabilities;
  • any professional accreditation requirements;
  • anticipated benefit to the School/Area/University taking into account present and future capability requirements and succession planning;
  • impact on the immediate work area and its ability to continue meeting operational needs;
  • the School/Area budget; and
  • the level of joint investment.

The approval of staff development opportunities remains at the discretion of the University through the line manager’s recommendation and delegated authority approval.

For academic staff, allocations for professional development activities are recorded under “Block” in the Academic Workload Management System (AWMS).

Staff Development Fund

What is the Staff Development Fund?

Curtin University has available a $100,000 per annum scholarship fund known as the Staff Development Fund.

Who is eligible?

The Fund is available to fund professional development for professional and general staff members working in an eligible Work Area.

What is an eligible Work Area?

To be eligible, a Work Area must:

  • have less than 10 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff (professional and general and academic staff inclusive); and
  • be under the direct line management of a Director.


The Chief Operating Officer may otherwise determine an eligible Work Area.

What are the conditions?

  • The Fund is to be used to subsidise a portion of the costs of a professional and general staff member undertaking a professional development program where the funding requirement is beyond what might be normally provided for in a Work Area budget; and
  • The professional development program must form part of an ongoing development program approved within the staff member’s Work Planning and Performance Review (WPPR).

How do I apply?

The applying Work Area is required to pay the professional development fees and approved applications will be reimbursed.

Staff Development Fund application form must be submitted by email to Ian Callahan, Chief Operating Officer, by the Director of an eligible Work Area.

How will the application be assessed?

Assessment of the application will include:

  • the relevance of the professional development program to the staff member and their role or career at Curtin;
  • the likely successful outcome of the staff member in the program;
  • the previous amount of investment in the staff member’s professional development; and
  • the level of joint investment or commitment of the staff member to their professional development.

How will I receive notification of the outcome?

The applying Director will have confirmed by email the outcome of their application, including the approved fund amount.  It is expected that advice of the outcome will be received within 4 week of application.

Unsuccessful applications will state the reasons for not approving the funding.

How will I receive the funds?

Funds will be reimbursed to the applying Work Area.  The applying Director is required to email the approved Staff Development Fund application to the Finance Service Team.  Processed applications will be confirmed via email to the applying Director.