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Staff Exiting Information

These guidelines are presented to assist staff and supervisors with administrative/procedural requirements in relation to staff exiting the University.

The Staff Exiting Checklist should be used by Heads of School/Area and staff to ensure compliance with the below.

Where it has been arranged for staff to clear leave prior to the actual cessation date, please note that all final payments, packaging and superannuation matters are not processed until the final cessation date.

Resignation, Termination, Retirement, Redundancy & Voluntary Separation

These guidelines should be followed for all types of employment cessation. Check the relevant Employment Agreement, Human Resources/Human Resources policies and procedures for additional information, giving due consideration to individual circumstances.

Contract of Employment Period of Notice

Check the relevant Employment Agreement for details of appropriate notice periods. Areas should be aware of the implications of clauses in the Agreement relating to notice periods and severance entitlements, particularly for fixed term contract staff.

Giving Notice

An intention to resign or retire must be communicated to the staff member's Head of School/Area in writing. The Head of School/Area should sign the letter in acknowledgement of receipt and copy the written notice to People and Culture as soon as possible. On receipt of a copy of the written notice People and Culture will formally acknowledge the notice and commence finalising remuneration arrangements.

People and Culture should be advised immediately of a resignation or retirement to ensure that all salary, leave credits and other entitlements are attended to. This usually occurs either by the cease date or the pay following the cease date.


The People Services Advisor should be advised immediately of an employee's cessation date as the University is required to advise the superannuation schemes of an employee leaving employment within 21 days of the cease date in order for them to issue final benefits statements.

Salary Packaging

Employees ceasing employment with the University who have entered into packaged remuneration agreements must give one month's notice in writing to cease such agreements with the University. The People Services Advisor must be advised immediately of intention to cease employment so they can assist in finalising salary packaging arrangements.


If you have had fortnightly deductions from your pay for payment to external organisations you should inform those organisations of your employment termination eg HBF, staff union etc.

Security Considerations and Return of University Property

It is the responsibility of the Head of School/Area of any staff member who is leaving the employ of the University to ensure that University property, including University records, are returned prior to the cessation date. A record of 'Company Issues' can be maintained on the PAC information system (Alesco) by the Area to assist this process.

Keeping In Touch With Curtin

Staff who have ceased employment with the University and wish to maintain an ongoing relationship with Curtin in the event of future association, should contact the Office of Alumni Relations to register their interest.


People and Culture, People Services Teams can be contacted by
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