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Staff ID cards

All Curtin employees are issued a Curtin University Staff Identity Card. The card serves three basic purposes:

  • It identifies the bearer as a Curtin employee
  • It allows usage of the Library Facilities, including book borrowing
  • It can be used for 'swipe-access' to buildings utilising the Gallagher (formerly known as Cardax) Security System

Obtaining a Card

You can obtain a staff card once a record has been entered into the Human Resources Information System (Alesco) and you have been issued with a staff number. Information in the ID Card System (Gallagher) is updated from Alesco overnight, so you should wait 24 hours before going to the Student Contact Centre in Building 101 to get your card. After verifying your details, your ID photograph will be taken and a staff card will be issued to you immediately.

There are two types of cards available to Curtin staff:

  • the standard Staff card, available to all Standard Curtin staff, both Academic and General; and
  • the Associate card, available to visitors who work on campus, but are not directly employed by Curtin.

Picture of ID Card

The card has your name, photograph and library bar code on the front and a magnetic strip on the back. The magnetic strip is encoded for building access using the Gallagher Security system.

Staff are encouraged to wear their card at all times when on campus.

If you are a returning staff member having an older card that cannot be encoded, or your details have been deleted, then a new staff card will be issued.

Arranging access to buildings

The Gallagher system is a security database system used in conjunction with staff and student ID cards and swipe card readers located on various building and room entrances around campus. To arrange access to any University building that is covered by the Gallagher system, you will require a Gallagher encoded Staff ID. Not all buildings on campus utilise the Gallagher swipe system.

The Staff Card does not automatically grant 24-hour, 7-days a week access to Gallagher enabled buildings. To gain access to any buildings utilising the Gallagher system, arrangements must be made with the Gallagher Administrator for each building to organise which doors should be activated by your card and at what times. A Building Access Request Form will need to be completed, and a senior person in the School/Division must countersign the application. Each building has its own access rules, and access may be dependent upon the specific rules for that building, and the access times requested.

Replacing lost/missing cards

Replacement Staff ID Cards can be obtained at the Student Service Centre, which is located in Building 101, Level 2. Please note that a fee of $25 must be paid before a replacement card can be issued. This fee is payable at the Student Service Centre, and can only be made by card (no cash and cheques will be accepted).

Faulty Cards

If your card is not functioning properly a replacement card will be issued free of charge. A replacement card issued will not work for the next 24 to 48 hours after it has been issued.


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