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Staff obligations, conduct and compliance

As a Curtin staff member, you are part of the Curtin community and as such, have certain obligations and responsibilities:

  • Staff have an obligation to ensure that their activities comply with appropriate State and Federal law and University policy (as outlined in the University's policy on Legal Compliance Policy and Procedures).
  • Staff shall ensure that their responsibilities are carried out in the best interests of the University by virtue of their appointment to a position of trust or confidence (as outlined in the University's Fiduciary Responsibilities policy).
  • In accordance with the provisions of the University's Certified Agreements, staff are expected at all times to respect and honour the values of the University in the course of their work. (Clause 7.6)

The University's Values clarify Curtin's commitment to ethical behaviour as referred to in the Vision, Mission and Goals.

On this page are links to information on a range of issues that staff members need to be aware of and adhere to:

PDF File Appropriate ICT use [.pdf]
Curtin's Information and Communication Technology (ICT) facilities and services are provided for Curtin-related teaching, learning, research and administrative activities.

All staff and students have the right to operate in an environment free from bullying and are required to personally demonstrate appropriate behaviour. Bullying is not tolerated at Curtin. Bullying is repeated, unreasonable or inappropriate behaviour directed towards a person, or group of persons that creates a risk to health and safety. Bullying can lead to serious health consequences and individual distress for those affected, and cause organisational disruption with substantial consequences for the University.

PDF File Code of Conduct [.pdf]
The Code of Conduct (the Code) is a statement that provides clarity and guidance about ethical behaviour and how parties to the Code are expected to conduct themselves at all times. The Code reflects Curtin's Values and its Guiding Ethical Principles.

Conflict of Interest [.pdf]
All staff shall avoid situations in which a conflict of interest exists, or could be perceived to exist.

PDF File Consultancy [.pdf]
The University encourages staff to engage in consultancy that advances the professional interests of staff and the wider interests of the University.

Copyright at Curtin
Curtin is subject to the provisions of the Commonwealth Copyright Act in relation to copyright and moral rights.

Ethics, Equity and Social Justice (including Equal Opportunity) [.doc]
All staff and students have a responsibility to become more knowledgeable of and sensitive to other cultures in our culturally diverse tertiary context. Staff shall comply with all relevant legislation on equal opportunity and the University will take all reasonable steps to ensure that students and staff are able to study and work in an environment free from discrimination and harassment.

A student or a staff member may bring a complaint in relation to an action or a decision which relates to study or work at the University. Complaints arising within the University or about the University's processes shall be dealt with efficiently and in a manner which affords natural justice to all parties.

PDF File Integrity and Standards [.pdf]
Staff have a responsibility to report suspected fraud. This may include instances of corrupt conduct, criminal conduct, criminal involvement or serious improper conduct.

Workplace Health and Safety
Staff must ensure that the highest possible safety and health standards are maintained in all University activities.

Personal Property
The University's physical operating environment is one where personal property may be subject to greater than average risk of accidental loss or damage. The University expects you to take appropriate steps to ensure the security of attractive and portable items of personal property (such as your handbags, wallets, keys, Curtin access/swipe cards, jewellery, mobile phones, palm pilots, small notebook computers, and other portable computer and electronic equipment) whilst the items are at Curtin.
Similarly, if you use University car parks you do so at your own risk. Your vehicles must be secured, and your attractive items should not be open to display. The University does not accept liability for damage to, or theft of motor vehicles or bicycles whilst parked on land that is managed by the University.

Word Document Public Interest Disclosure [.doc]
The University does not tolerate corrupt or other improper conduct, including mismanagement of public resources, in the exercise of the public functions of the University, and its officers, staff and contractors. Persons who make a public interest disclosure have comprehensive rights in regard to confidentiality and protection from victimisation.

Records and Information Management
All staff (including contractors, adjuncts, associates, etc) are responsible for managing Curtin's records under the requirements of the State Records Act 2000 (WA). This involves creating records that support Curtin's business, ensuring that they are kept securely for set periods of time and that they are disposed of in consultation with Records & Information Management (RIM). To find out more about their obligations staff are required to complete the Information Management Staff Online Learning (SOL) training course available via iPerform. In addition, staff need to be aware of their responsibilities in relation to who can access the information held by Curtin and the University's obligations with regards to privacy and confidentiality. For more information see the Freedom of Information webpage, Curtin's Privacy Statement and the Disclosure of Personal Information Procedures.

Research and Development Policies (including Intellectual Property)
The University recognises Research and Development as a core business activity and is committed to management practices that promote advances in the disciplines and in the professional interests of staff and the community.

Staff ID Cards
Curtin staff are eligible for a staff card. Staff are encouraged to wear their card at all times when on campus. The card allows usage of Library facilities (including book borrowing) and is used for accessing secure areas via badging on to a card reader.

Student Rights and Responsibilities
Students at the University have certain rights and responsibilities consistent with the Student Charter.

University Policies and Procedures
All policies and procedures are developed in the context of the University's Vision and Mission Statement. See additional policies relating to Human Resources.

Other Official Documents (i.e. Statutes, Rules and By-Laws)
The University is established under Western Australian legislation. The governing authority of the University is Council which may make Statutes with respect to all matters pertaining to the University.

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