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Global Corporate Challenge

The Global Corporate Challenge 2017 

Curtin participants in the 2016 challenge reported improvement in all bar one (smoking) of the categories measured including a 160% improvement in sleep health, a 62% improvement in physical activity levels and a 64% improvement in stress levels.   We sincerely hope that you found the initial 100 day challenge beneficial to your health in some way and that you have managed to incorporate being more physically active into your daily routine. 

Moving forward, the GCC is a 12 month program and you can still log in at any stage to use the portal to log steps, us the weight tracker, keep an eye on your nutrition and sleep, and keep up to date with the GCC community discussion board.  Please feel free to get in touch with us at if you have any queries or feedback about the challenge so far.

Of the 245 staff who participated in the GCC:
• 62% now meet the recommendation of 10,000 steps per day vs. 15% pre-GCC
• 160% improvement in sleep health (quantity and quality)
• 38% are now more aware of what they eat
• 64% reported a decrease in their stress levels either at home or at work
• 67% reported an increase in either their productivity or concentration
• 55% reported that taking part in GCC has improved their energy levels