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Workers Compensation

1. When are you entitled to claim workers' compensation?

You are entitled to claim workers' compensation if:

  • You have a work related injury or disease and
  • You need medical treatment and/ or
  • You cannot work for a period of time due to subsequent impairment

Workers' compensation provides entitlements for:

  • Reasonable medical and hospital treatment expenses
  • Reasonable vocational rehabilitation expenses
  • Compensation for loss of wages (limits apply)
  • Reasonable travel and accomodation costs

There are limitations to the amount of compensation you can receive for each of the above entitlements.  A work related injury may include an Industrial Disease.


The current prescribed amount for workers' compensation payments can be obtained from WorkCover WA's Website; or Telephone: 9388 5555 or 1300 794 744


Further information and advice regarding Workers' Compensation in Western Australia, including information regarding the current prescribed amount for workers' compensation payments can be obtained from the WorkCover WA Website or Telephone:  (08) 9388 5555 or 1300 794 744.

2. Who can make a claim?

If you are employed on a full time, part time or casual basis and are injured at work, you may be entitled to claim workers' compensation.

3. What to do if you've been injured at work?

  1. Seek first aid/treatment and report the injury/illness to your supervisor/line manager.  If necessary, contact Curtin Health Service on 9266 7345 or dial 5555 for emergency response.
  2. Report the injury/illness to Curtin Occupational Safety and Health via the University's on-line reporting system.
  3. See a Medical Practitioner of your choice as soon as possible and obtain a WorkCover WA 'First Medical Certificate'.
  4. Contact Injury Management Services via email or on (08) 9266 4468 as soon as possible following injury to obtain the necessary forms and lodge a claim for Workers' Compensation (which includes submission of a First Medical Certificate).
  5. You will need to take your First Medical Certificate to Injury Management Services and provide a copy to your line manager.  Your line manager will also be required to complete an Employer Report Form which will be provided by Injury Management Services or can be printed from the tool kit.
  6. Once all necessary claim forms have been completed by you and your line manager, Curtin has 5 working days to submit the claim to the Insurer (RiskCover).
  7. From receipt of your claim RiskCover has 14 days to assess the claim and advise you in writing if your claim has been accepted, disputed or pended (where further information is required before a decision regarding liability can be made).
  8. If your claim is disputed by RiskCover, you may apply to WorkCover WA's Dispute Resolution Directorate for review of the matter.