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Work Planning and Performance Review (WPPR)

Tailored, regular, engaging conversations and implemented plans about your development, career and role.

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What is WPPR?

The Work Planning and Performance Review (WPPR) is an individual plan, which aligns work performance and professional development objectives with the University’s strategic goals. Developed through a structured, meaningful discussion between a line manager and team member; the plan specifies the work or research outcomes the staff member will deliver and the support and development that will be provided to assist the development of capabilities and the delivery of the agreed outcomes over the coming Twelve month period.

WPPR Cycle - Small
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Implementation of the plan is characterised by regular review meetings to ensure the effective exchange of feedback and to check in with your manager formally and informally to ensure that your tailored goals are on track.

Why have the WPPR?

Continuous tailored, engaging conversations with your line-manager about your career, role, development, culture and work-life are your vehicle to achieve your goals:

  • Understand the strategic objectives set by Curtin for achievement as an organisation, school, area, team and individual.
  • development of capabilities through accessing of training, conferences and other opportunities
  • exploration of potential, including career development
  • negotiation and alignment of outcomes and performance levels to the university’s objectives with agreed tasks and deliverables.
  • enhancement of workplace relationships, wellness and improved communication
  • exploration and agreement on the demonstrated behaviours which express our values and culture in the workplace
  • achievement of excellence