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Public Holidays to be observed in Western Australia

Note: this information is provided only as a guide to University staff. The official list of public holidays is maintained by the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection and may be subject to change.

As a Curtin staff member you are expected to work on the 3 Public Holidays in March, June and September/October that are designated as normal working days. These can be taken as leave (annual and LSL) or Flexi Time at a time convenient to the operating requirements of the University.

  Actions 2017 2018
New Year's Day Observed by Curtin University  Sunday 1 January^^
Monday 2 January
 Monday 1January

Australia Day

Observed by Curtin University  Thursday 26 January  Friday 26 January      
Labour Day Normal working day at
Curtin University
 Monday 6 March  Monday 5 March**

Good Friday

Observed by Curtin University  Friday 14 April  Friday 30 March

Easter Monday

Observed by Curtin University  Monday 17 April  Monday 2 April

Easter Tuesday#

Observed by Curtin University  Tuesday 18 April  Tuesday 3 April


Observed by Curtin University  Tuesday 25 April  Wednesday 25 April
Western Australia Day

Observed by Curtin University

 Monday 5 June**  Monday 4 June**
Queen's Birthday*

Observed by Curtin University

 Monday 25 September**  Monday 24 September**

Christmas Day

Observed by Curtin University  Monday 25 December  Tuesday 25 December

Boxing Day

Observed by Curtin University  Tuesday 26 December  Wednesday 26 December

# - Not a prescribed public holiday.
^^ - Public holiday observed on an alternative day as the holiday falls on a weekend.
*- Some regional areas in WA hold the Queen's Birthday public holiday on a different date.
** - These are yet to be confirmed in the EBA if they are to now be observed. Until such time these are to be observed if possible as they fall outside the core teaching periods .

Christmas Closedown Arrangements

Each year during the Christmas / New Year period the University has an official 'closedown' period. Details of this years arrangements are not as yet available.

As in previous years, it is at the discretion of managers of work areas and subject to operational requirements, whether they will close the workplace for additional days around the Official University Christmas Closedown period. Leave available to academic and professional and general staff due to worked public holidays (per clause 51.4 of the Agreement) can be used for this purpose.

School Term Dates for Primary and Secondary Government Schools

The Department of Education and Training provides details of School Term Dates through to 2014. Details are provided on their School Term Dates web site.