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Curtin University
People and Culture

Contact People and Culture

The People and Culture team at Curtin University are delighted to be able to assist you.

Please see contact details below or contact:

Service Delivery Teams

Please phone ext 9000 and follow the prompts

CBS Service team
Health Sciences Service team
Science & Engineering Service team
Humanities Service team
Central Service team

Systems Support

Please visit the IT Self Service Portal and click onto the HR Systems and OD link to submit a support request.

Useful Links

  • Salary Packaging enquiries please access the following page
  • Alesco Setup Guide - Steps to follow for the first time setup of Alesco on your workstation
  • e-Timesheets - Information and Training material  
People and Culture

Ian Jackson 4120 Director

Jo Leary
1772 Personal Assistant to Director
People Services
For queries in relation to pay, taxation, leave, contracts for new or existing staff, RFOs, position descriptions and visas

Travis Moore 3316 Deputy Director, People Services
Rebecca McIntosh 3354 Team Leader
Christie Galante 1240 Human Resource Officer
Helen Ward 1240 Human Resource Officer
Bethwyn Carosin 2725 Human Resource Officer
Danielle Hall 7062 Human Resource Officer
Renee Kutia 9295 Human Resource Assistant
Karen Ronaldson 2726 Human Resource Assistant
David Bown 1149 Team Leader
David Osborne 1169 Human Resource Officer
Taz Cukrov 1644 Human Resource Assistant
Kareen Boddy 1538 Human Resource Assistant
Health Sciences
310: L2
David Bown 1149 Team Leader
Marshia Paul 5440 Human Resource Officer
Jos Walsh 1844 Human Resource Officer
Custodia Musca 7917 Human Resource Officer
Rachel Thompson 2947 Human Resource Assistant
Jodi De Jager 1442 Human Resource Assistant
Dianne Ferdinand 7917 Human Resource Assistant
Helen Johnstone 1176 Human Resource Assistant
Jocelyn Carosin 5762 Team Leader 
Candy Alver 5475 Human Resource Officer
Emily Nelson 5764 Human Resource Officer
Ange Glazbrook 5765 Human Resource Assistant
Karen Lo 5774 Human Resource Assistant
Chris Geoghegan 5766 Human Resource Assistant
Aaron Perkins 4323 Human Resource Assistant
Tim Matthews 1815 Team Leader
Michell Ogg 4178 Human Resource Officer
Peta Lockhart 3758 Human Resource Officer
Astrid Sugiono 4137 Human Resource Officer
Yoojin Jeong 7547 Human Resource Assistant
Marija Predojevic 1178 Human Resource Assistant
Kim Yap 3257 Human Resource Assistant
Maureen Fisher Sim 4232 Human Resource Assistant
Payroll Kate Cook 9000 Payroll Coordinator
Manjula Sureshkumar 9000 Human Resource Officer
Employee Relations

3040 Deputy Director, People Relations
People Business Improvement

Matthew Rainbow 5220 Deputy Director, People Business Improvments
People Systems
Kelvin Lee 2337 Technical Lead
Deepti Heera 4117 Business Improvement Consultant
Esther Tan 4146 Systems Administrator, HRIS
Gracie Ooi 2728 HRIS Support Analyst
Business Improvements
Sara Brown Manager, HR Projects
Caroline Ellis 2330 Project Coordinator, Employee Engagement
Pip Rundle 4318 Project Coordinator, Academic Projects
Yvonne Tai 4388 Project Coordinator, HR Business Improvement
People Wellness
Simone Brand 9118 Manager, Injury Management & Disability
Erica Schurmann 3030 Staff Disability Advisor
Ron Lo 9206 Senior Ergonomics Advisor
Sean Ralph 1914 Injury Manager
Troy Campbell 1380 Injury Manager
Caroline Jankovic 2364 Staff Disability Advisor
Yvette Ohn-Khin 4283 Administration Support Officer
People Capability

Jenny Taylor 5471 Deputy Director, People Capability
Consultancy Services
DVC Academic, CAS Ian Andrews 5848 Human Resource Business Consultant
Michael Turner 1272 Human Resource Advisor
Vice-Chancellory, Research, International, CS, CR Denise Mannix 4386 Human Resource Business Consultant
Michael Turner 1272 Human Resource Advisor
CBS Shae Beswick 4408 Human Resource Business Consultant
Hayley Matyear 7906 Human Resource Advisor
HS Donna Kirkham 1903 Human Resource Business Consultant
Alison Liew 4431 Human Resource Advisor
HUM, CITS Jodi Vletter / Terri Cochrane 1891 Human Resource Business Consultant
Desirea Williams 5763 Human Resource Advisor
S&E Rob Colling 9272 Human Resource Business Consultant
Vicky Lockhart 5638 Human Resource Advisor
Non-Faculty Sasha Hilton 7717 Recruitment Consultant
CBS Hayley Matyear 7906 Recruitment Consultant
HS Bree Heels 5760 Recruitment Consultant
HUM Michelle Roberts 2141 Recruitment Consultant
S&E Lily Dewse 4774 Recruitment Consultant
Position Management
Emma Adkins 4628 Position Management Coordinator